SSRS 2008 R2 SharePoint Integrated Mode – How to Report Parts, Report Viewer Web Part and Parameters

Once Report part is published you can insert it or many into any report and publish that report. Any changes to the report part will show to all Reports using the report parts, awesome… Now users can copy your report and change it and still retain single source for corporate changes to automatically migrate out.

To make a report part, hover over your report in the SharePoint Library and choose edit in report builder. Click the Pear on the top right hand side of report builder and select Publish and follow wizard. In the Publish Report Parts window, select Review and modify report parts before publishing (if you are wise).

Report Parts can only be created/published from Report Builder 3.0 not in BIDS. You cannot publish a report header and footer as report parts.

To insert your report into a SharePoint page, say a pie chart, you insert the Report Viewer web part and point to your report. There is a slick navigation interface to find correct URL, no more copy and paste. You will always likely need parameters to be dynamically set to filter out data per the site or list you are working with. To do this set a Visible Parameters in report with a prompt, automatically refresh, set none for available values and set a default value. Default value may be optional, not sure. The prompt will be hidden automatically once the report renders. You can connect it with other web parts to hook up the parameter for filtering if the report is set to filter on the parameter.

Quick tips

When first building a report to Using SharePoint List as data source, insert the site url not the list url. You can then select any list and build a query on the spot, very cool.

When publishing report to a SharePoint site from BIDS, set up the configuration manager like this