Workflow SPD 2010 – Send Email how to


It is simple to send an email in SPD workflow. but how to sent with details  and links back to item such as approve or review hyperlinks back to list forms or providing data as to who sent the request, who is his boss, phone no etc. There are 3 main categories when adding Lookups to Email string builder as follows:


Here are the main ones I use in the graphic and what the String builder looks like, then below are text results of returned data when workflow is run.


Workflow Context

Current Item URL –
cur user as string – RLAN\jimcox
current user as name – Jim Cox
current user as email –
Current site url –
Date and time started as string 10/5/2011 10:31:05 AM
Date and time started as short – 10/5/2011
Date and time started as long – 10:31:05 AM
Date and time started as iso – 2011-10-05T14:31:05Z
initiator as str – RLAN\jimcox
item name Sample Project number 25

User Profiles

Department – RLAN CIO
Job title SharePoint Architect and Developer
Manager – RLAN\JackTop
work phone – 613 843-9244

Current item

version – 10.0
url path as string – /sites/projects/Lists/ProjectMasterList/25_.000
url path as lu value – do not use
Path – /sites/projects/Lists/ProjectMasterList
name linked to document -  25_.000
item type – 0
is current version – True
html file type –
file name – 25_
encoded absolute url –

So to prepare links to my New Project form construct url like this:

WF context Current site url returns this –

Combine with this



So it looks like this


To initiate a Workflow form try this






Becareful using Look up Value as Text, it causes errors, see graphic