SharePoint 2013 Search Farm with SP2010 Content Farm

Here is my challenge: Crawling SP2010 content and querying from SP2010, with an SP 2013 Search Only Farm. Furthermore I want to race and see how fast I could configure this from Greenfield VM’s and PowerShell Scripts. In less that two hours, I was able to install and test prerequisites in offline mode, SP Binaries, CU, Language Pack, one Web Application and one site, three index partitions with replicas on a three box redundant topology Search Farm. Here are step by step videos showing how I did it.

Video One – Stand up a Search Farm on offline mode with PowerShell here

Video Two – Publish and Consume Search across Farms with PowerShell here

Here is another video where I did not race and took more time to show each step along the way. It shows many issues I ran into with my hardware. here