How to make SharePoint Load faster

Scenario: You have a SharePoint farm and it cannot see the Internet (usually in high security environments or maybe just simply a dev VM on your Laptop is out of range of an Internet connection) and it takes over 2 minutes to load each morning or after each IIS reset or after a reboot or what ever the reason. Why does it take so long? Well because the app is looking for Certs on the Microsoft network and timing out. Here is how to fix easily. There are many other remedies but this is simple and quick.

Edit a group policy on the local server. Control Panel > Search for Policy > click Edit Group Policy > Computer Configuration >  Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies > double click Certificate Path Validation Settings > click Tab Network Retrieval > click top check box to turn all check boxes on > set the 2 timeout values to 1. see Graphic  below.


Info is from this blog