Web.Config SharePoint 2007 Lifecycle

Get processmon running in MOSSPRD01 and then created a filter to only include web.config so that any changes made to web.config gets captured.

The ADFS engineer had Enabled Windows auditing for the folder in which web.config is located

Suggested that she replicated the web.config to all the servers in the farm

delete all one time “windows sharepoint services web.config update” timer jobs

I do see solutions getting retracted from all servers in the farm and then redeployed when a new server is added to the farm


When inspected through reflector, I found that the method ‘SPWebService.ApplyWebConfigModifications()’ traverses each web application served by the SPWebService and calls the internal method ‘SPWebApplication.ApplyWebConfigModifications()’.

If any SPWebConfigModification is added to the SPWebConfigModification Collection of a web-application, the entries are registered to the Config Database, applied to the web.config file and the web.config file is saved, else no new entries are made into the web.config file but it is anyhow saved i.e. refreshed. Just to elaborate the above mentioned points, The reason behind this intended design of “ApplyWebConfigModification” is Backup/ Restore and upgrade. As during the Backup/Restore operation and during InPlace upgrade operation we are intended to retain the changes made to Web.Config through object model, so the ApplyWebConfigModification method traverse through all the web application’s web.config and refreshes them when it called through SPWebService.

In SharePoint Server 2007, the setting is supported when you set the batch attribute of the compilation element to “true” in the Web.config file for the _layouts folders on a SharePoint Server 2007 Web site as follows.

<compilation batch="true" debug="false" />

When the attribute is set to “true,” the delay that you experience when you access files for the first time can be decreased. This is because, when the batch attribute is set to “true,” all uncompiled files will be compiled in batch mode by ASP.NET.

However, for larger applications, there may be a significant delay when files are compiled for the first time because there are more file batches to compile. After the initial compilation, delays are decreased when you access the compiled files.


Solution ======================= The modified web.config file fixes the SharePoint Designer cannot open SharePoint page issue. We can remove or remark the following line from the original web.config file as solution. <add name=”AccessDenied” type=”Dell.Channel.WebControls.HttpModules.AccessDeniedModule” />

Looked into the comparison between the web.config files and found that customer is comparing the web.config files with QUERY servers and WFE

Make sure all the web.configs are identical for all the web applications across the farm.



We found that in IIS, under Web Application SharePoint – 80, _layouts VDIR was

created as an application in IIS and was bound to application pool SharePoint – 80.

We removed application from _Layouts VDIR and the date picker started working on

that specific WFE.