Configure Kerberos authentication for SharePoint 2010 Products (white paper)

The document also shows how to configure Kerberos authentication end-to-end within your environment, including scenarios that use various service applications in Microsoft SharePoint Server. Additional tools and resources are described to help you test and validate Kerberos configuration. The "Step-by-Step Configuration" sections of this document cover the following scenarios for SharePoint Server 2010.

  • Scenario 1: Core Configuration
  • Scenario 2: Kerberos Authentication for SQL OLTP
  • Scenario 3: Identity Delegation for SQL Analysis Services
  • Scenario 4: Identity Delegation for SQL Reporting Services
  • Scenario 5: Identity Delegation for Excel Services
  • Scenario 6: Identity Delegation for PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • Scenario 7: Identity Delegation for Visio Services
  • Scenario 8: Identity Delegation for PerformancePoint Services
  • Scenario 9: Identity Delegation for Business Connectivity Services

The information about Configuring Kerberos authentication for SharePoint 2010 Products is available in two forms:

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