Performance Testing – Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit

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This post is about performance testing of SharePoint 2010 – how to do, tools available, bench marks and analyzing results. See TechNet article about performance testing. Monitor your servers while performance testing TechNet article here.

How do you know if your results are good or not? See TechNet Article Here. See papers released available for download here for most of SharePoint Services.

Testing Tools

Visual Studio 2010 Load Testing Feature Pack
Comes with advanced testing tools to help ensure the delivery of quality code. Take advantage of coded UI tests, which automate the testing of user interfaces in web and Windows-based applications, as well as manual testing, Test Professional, web performance testing, load testing, code coverage, and other comprehensive features not found in other Visual Studio editions. For load testing, Ultimate is limited to 250 virtual users, but you can add more virtual users with Load Test Virtual Users Pack 2010 . Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscribers have unlimited access to Load Test Virtual User Packs.

Call to Action: Download the Visual Studio 2010 Load Test Feature Pack Deployment Guide Today! Utilize the following resources to get started with stress and performance testing with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate:


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Load Testing Toolkit (LTK) – Microsoft has released this kit to assist an administrator to certify that an existing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 topology running on specific hardware can sustain an upgrade to a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 farm, with the same load. Hence, it’s NOT something that you can use for a new installation of SharePoint 2010, but you can always use the webTests created for another implementation as reference for a new implementation. Also, it uses VSTS 2008 and NOT 2010. This comes as part of SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit and you’ll need to download the admin toolkit to get the LTK.