Upgrading Project Server from 2003 to 2010 without passing through 2007

My client upgraded to 2010 from 2003 by saving files to drive and opening them directly in 2010 and saving to 2010. By doing so, remnants are left in the resource sheet as indicated. We are noticing file corruption on server 2010 with the larger files and had to rebuild at least one.


To try to fix I am saving the 2010 file with the remnants to 2007 then to 2003 and then back again to 2007 and 2010 to see if remnants disappear.

When saving to 2007 from 2010 the following message occurred because 2007 does not support inactive tasks.


When opening and saving the 2007 file to 2003 the following message appears. Note: remnant is still in 2007 file.


Then I opened the 2003 file in 2007 and remnant is still there. Saved it as a 2007 file and remnant still there.

For fun I saved the 2003 to 2007 file as a template and the remnants disappeared.

Now the light has gone on, the saving as template and clicking the option to remove publish to project server info  is what cleans the remnant.



Attempt to fix the Corrupt Isotopes file.

We have a corrupt file that will not publish to server 2010, there are circular references and 2003 remnants. We feel the file got this way because A. there were many inserted files, B. There are 2003 remnants, C. the Client patch does not match the server patch version (client is newer) and D we need SP1.

First save a template in 2010 and click to remove the publish remnants.

Then to remove the circular references you need to find them, there is only one practical way to do that. Copy the predecessor column to clipboard, delete the predecessors and paste them back in. The pasting operation will notify you of each task number that is in error plus at the then will tell you a message like this