VSTO Resources, Samples and Videos

Developer Center

We’ve updated the VSTO Dev Center on MSDN with a variety of resources to help you get started learning all the new stuff that VS2010 has to offer. First off, we’ve been integrating Visual Studio 2010 content into all the pages. Here you’ll find the most up-to-date samples, videos, articles and news:

Office Development with Visual Studio (VSTO)

Visual Studio


.. more developer centers

For instance check out the new downloads and samples pages on VSTO Dev Center, and the new How Do I videos on Visual Studio and VSTO. The Dev Centers are your one-stop shop for all content like….

Product Downloads

Check out this link to download the Visual Studio 2010 Pro/Ultimate trial editions:

Visual Studio 2010 Pro & Ultimate Trial Downloads


We’ve updated all these samples online for Visual Studio 2010’s release and have added a bunch more like:

Office Development in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit

SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2010

more samples


We also have a few MSDN Library technical articles published to get you started on some language, IDE and build features in VS as well as some notable MSDN Magazine articles on new features you can sink your teeth into.

Better Coding: Better Coding with Visual Studio 2010

IntelliTrace: Debugging Applications with IntelliTrace

How to Build Visual Studio 2010 Office Development Projects with TFS Team Build 2010

more MSDN articles


“How Do I” Videos
Check out the new quick training videos on Visual Studio, VB, C#, Office and SharePoint:

Office Development with Visual Studio 2010 (VSTO)

Visual Studio 2010 IDE Series

SharePoint Development with Visual Studio 2010

Channel 9 Videos
Watch these interviews and demos on Visual Studio and new features:

Launch Demo: Sam Gazitt: SharePoint and Office Development with Visual Studio 2010

How We Do It: Building the Visual Studio Product Line

Overview of SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2010

more VS2010 on Channel 9, more of my interviews on Channel 9 (more coming soon!)


Here are some of my favorite blogs that contain essential resources on Visual Studio 2010:

Visual Studio Platform Team Blog

Office Development with Visual Studio Team Blog

Visual Studio Data Team Blog

SharePoint Team Blog

Jason Zander

Check the Blogs, Dev Centers and Channel 9 for more content in the weeks to come, we’re still making updates and producing new content. Now that Visual Studio is launched, we’re just getting started here on MSDN! Have feedback and questions? Discuss Visual Studio and related technologies on the MSDN Forums.

I want to thank everyone in Visual Studio and DevDiv here at Microsoft and especially the BizApps team for a wonderful and exciting product! Visual Studio just keeps getting better and better.

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community