Connecting Lync to SharePoint

Eric Swift on Connecting Lync to SharePoint

by on 12/10/2010 2:02 PM

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The launch of Lync 2010 on Wednesday completes and really super-charges our wave of 2010 productivity products released in the past year, including Office, SharePoint and Exchange. I enjoyed hearing Bill Gates share his thoughts on the significance of Lync and the future of the unified communications space.

As an end user myself I love the experience Lync brings to SharePoint and Office with the real-time collaboration I rely on every day to find and interact with people and teams across our business and others outside Microsoft. These products were built to work together and the experience speaks for itself. Here are my personal favorites:

  • See the people I interact with through the visual experience of Lync and the social capabilities of SharePoint, including photos from SharePoint My Site and high definition video that delivers the best image based on bandwidth.
  • Find the people I need to work with using Lync skills search which accesses SharePoint’s people search and skills, expertise and organization information in SharePoint My Site. I can quickly find who I’m looking for and start interacting with them immediately. No more sending e-mails to large aliases asking “does anyone know…?”
  • Connect instantly with people’s names lit up with presence icons throughout SharePoint and Office that allow me to initiate IM, phone or online meetings on the fly. This allows me to interact with someone as we co-author a document or ask a question to the person who submitted approval for a budget in Excel from inside SharePoint or Excel. Very cool and very fast.
  • Post recorded meetings to SharePoint sites using the Lync recording manager. All of my team’s documents, meeting notes and interactions and decisions can be easily saved and shared in SharePoint.
  • Know more about the people I’m working with through Lync contact cards that show up every place I see someone’s name. No more assigning a task or workflow approval to the wrong person!

There are a ton of other compelling new Lync features that will delight your users. I encourage every SharePoint customer to explore the incredible productivity and business impact that many of our Lync customers are realizing today. Many customers can experience hosted versions of these products working together through the recently announced Office 365 service.

For our SharePoint IT professionals and developers, SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010 offer an extensible platform to build rich applications that deliver unified communications and collaboration. The possibilities are endless. Workflow solutions with the ability to click to communicate instantly with others in the approval chain to make a decision, sales portals that launch team sites with new opportunities and invite the account team to an online meeting, line of business applications with document management and the ability to work in real-time with others and the list goes on and on. Experience these products together the way we designed them. The Lync experience makes SharePoint better and more importantly makes all our work more productive and impactful.

-Eric Swift

General Manager

SharePoint Product Management Group​