Customer Support Processes

Complete the sales cycle management features by integrating online inventory management features, such as Products, Price Books, Vendors, Sales Quotes, Orders, and Invoices with the Sales related modules such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities.

Customer Support & Service management (Help Desk)

Support tickets, Knowledge Base, Ticket Assignment & Escalation through Workflow rules to streamline organization-wide Customer Support process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support Integration between Sales and Post-sales support management helps organizations in resolving the customer-reported cases in less time thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in future.

Track all the customer-reported cases end-to-end in a customer support process

Generate cases through email, phone or web site using Web-to-Case form. In addition, you can also add customer-specific email as a case

Automate the ticket routing process with rules so that all the cases are assigned to the right support agents with case escalation process using the Workflow rules for a better case resolution.

knowledge Base articles should be in an easily accessible centralized location for a better case resolution.


Integration between pre-sales and post-sales

Procure goods or services from the preferred list of vendors.

Sales Quotes

Sales & Purchase Orders

Invoice Management

Products & Price Books

Manage organization-wide product catalogs

Create multiple Price Books as per customer segmentation and associate products with the Price Books

Offer flat or differential type volume discounts while generating invoices for customers

Create printer-friendly Sales Quotes and deliver to the prospect customers through inbuilt email service

Create Sales Order or Invoice with a single click from the Sales Quote

Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the Billing & Shipping addresses and terms & conditions while creating quotes

Sales Orders & Purchase Orders

Track outstanding orders from the Orders list view

Procure products from the best available Vendors, Manufacturers, Resellers list in Zoho CRM

Manage up-to-date stock position by seamless integration between order fulfillment and available stock in your warehouse

Customize Purchase Order (PO) and Sales Order (SO) templates as per your organization requirements

Create invoice with a single click from the Sales Order

Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the Billing & Shipping addresses and terms & conditions while creating orders

Add line items to the Orders and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically

Create printer-friendly Order (PO/SO) and deliver to the Vendors/Customers through inbuilt email service

Workflow Management

Empowers you to automate your sales, marketing, support processes. Customer records are assigned or transferred from one user to another for action, according to a set of predefined rules. The key benefits of Workflow management are improved efficiency by eliminating many unnecessary steps in updating records, better process control by improved business process through standardizing working methods and reduced operating costs.

Lead Assignment rule in Lead management for assigning leads to the sales reps based on different criteria (region, country, company, etc.) automatically. Another workflow rule in the Opportunity management is Big Deal Alert.

Associate activities (tasks) to the workflow rules so that new tasks are created for the users when sales, marketing, support, and orders related records are created/modified.