1 SharePoint Systems

Okay, navigate it here using the menus at the top so this brings you. To the hierarchy of Sharepoint. I’ve broken hearted down by systems as opposed to technologies in business process is or things like that. As a system can be described. Like we describe the human body where we have a vascular system be. I am brain system. They. Brater Brynwood, a call when you’re brave the breathing system song. So, like so this is how I described Sharepoint. By system. So we have sharepoint core system, which is mostly around content collaboration. We have the sharepoint search systems. We have sharepoint. Business intelligence systems. And we have other sharepoint systems. This way I can start my articles in a logical way almost like the way a project manager with breakdown of project would be by system subsystem zone. Most people like to search for items that are as opposed to navigating through her key. But I’ve got the combination of both here where they hire can will actually be tags. Into the search engine. To help find what your looking for? When using a hierarchy you need to think of. Articles that might be posted say at the top level of the hurricane would be summary articles that would cover across all systems and then you have more detail out articles down in the hurricane such as a Sharepoint Web apps are sharepoint site collections. They would all be in the web application system. For example.