Welcome to my Knowledge Base for building Business Productivity and Project Management systems in the Cloud and on Premises using Microsoft Technologies, including Content Management and Collaboration. I have a complete hierarchy of knowledge articles regarding Sharepoint, Project Server and the Microsoft platform to help you build and support associated business processes in your organization. So this is an integration of blog postings, website pages, videos and links to bring a complete knowledge base solution.

From the top Menu, you can navigate to my articles, videos, blog postings and links that reside within this site or you can search for the article on the top right hand side of Menu. I’m trying to build a new kind of Information Management Portal, where you can really find what your looking for in terms of how to implement something to solve a business problem or how to troubleshoot your implementations. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can find additional navigation elements to help you find blog postings by Tag Cloud or chronologically by month. So this is really an integration of web concepts such as blog postings, website pages, video streaming and links  to bring a complete knowledge base solution.